The first mushroom for 2017

Walking in the Wellington Botanic Garden today I saw this young Agrocybe parasitica. It was growing from a well-decayed branch stub of titoki [Alectryon excelsus] on the Serpentine Way track behind the Dell.

Agrocybe parasitica [photo Geoff Ridley]

Agrocybe parasitica [photo Geoff Ridley]

 A guide to this blog

To better find your way around Spores, Moulds and Fungi I have added a couple of extra pages:

  • Blogs – this is a numbered chronological list of all blogs I have written.
  • Index – this is an alphabetical index of all Latin names for fungi used in the blog. There are active links to every blog where the name is mentioned and usually a photo as well.
  • Readings – this is a chronological list of interesting web articles and blogs on fungi.
  • Stuff – this is just interesting bits and pieces that I find.






  1. Thanks for this. Now I know what’s what. loved the picture of your Christmas present mushrooms.


  2. Hi there, where can I find a link/website showing which mushrooms are safe to eat. I am in Auckland and thinking of doing a family day out picking mushrooms around Woodhilll forest or Riverhead forest. I am originally from central europe so i am used to picking wild mushrooms however I can imagine NZ has different mushrooms variety. Thank you kindly! David


    1. Hi David. There is no definitive guide to wild edible mushrooms in New Zealand that I can point you to. There are bits and pieces in books and magazine articles but not much more. What you will find at Woodhill and Riverhead is a mixture of European and native mushrooms. Some are known and some are not. To be honest there isn’tanything I would recommend. You are best to find some in your area that forages for mushrooms and ask for help – even be wary and conservative in what you try. Cheers Geoff


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