10.11.2019 “Changing Faces”

My friend Helen Cairney, an artist, had a birthday Party back in July. Her parties are usually themed and for this one we had to wear masks, which we all did. But, she also made each of us a mask based on our interests. Mine of course was the Mushroom Collector. You can see all of the masks on Helen’s facebook page.

18.07.2019 iNaturalistNZ survey

Its the first time, I know of, that I have been a prize?

10.04.2019 Feature wall paper in our new offices, Wellington

I was standing at the photocopy, in our new offices, looking at the feature wall wallpaper when I realised it has mushrooms!

19.08.2018 Botanic D’Lights Festival, Christchurch

My son went to the Botanic D’Lights Festival in Christchurch and sent me these photos of the Mushroom Lights

Mushroom lights [photo Nathaniel Ridley]

Mushroom lights [photo Nathaniel Ridley]

21.10.2017 A fungal hoarding, Wellington

A warning advertisement about myrtle rust

Street hoarding [photo Geoff Ridley]

02.01.2017 Hokitika Glass Studio

My sons and their girlfriends gave me these glass mushrooms form the Hokitika Glass Studio for Christmas.

Species? [photo Geoff Ridley]

Species? [photo Geoff Ridley]

17.09.2015 Mushroom powered car

Amanita muscaria inspired paintwork in Christchurch. However, I could have done without the smurfs.

Mushroom car [photo Geoff Ridley]