Bolton Street Memorial Park (4)

You can read more about the fungi at the Bolton St Memorial Park here Bolton Street Memorial Park,  Bolton Street Memorial Park (2) and (3).

16 May 2014

Lower Park

I have been report the fungi growing on a stump in the lower part of the park -see (2). The grounds have now been ‘tidied’ and several stumps including the one I was watching were ground and replaced with this top soil ready for grass seed.

31 Bolton 2014.05.16.

Upper Park

A roundhead [Psathyrella sp.] – Roundheads are a regular feature of woodchip mulch. I think that there may be several very similar species and I think that this may be Psathyrella microrhiza as it has a rooting base to the stem with whitish hairs. It was growing on a grave on Strang Path.




Scarlet roundhead [Leratiomyces ceres = Stropharia aurantiaca] – The scarlet round head was growing on the same grave as the Psathyrella sp.


T.H. Fitzgerald Path and Observatory Path run parallel to each other down a gully filled with regenerating native bush. Here was:

Scarlet pouch [Leratiomyces erythrocephalus = Weraroa erythrocephala]


Bluing pouch [Psilocybe weraroa = Weraroa novae-zelandiae] – see here.



Olive honeycap [Armillaria novaezelandae] – Note the thick white spore deposit on the upper surfaces of the lower mushrooms.


Common deceiver [Laccaria laccata] – This was growing on a grave with deep alder leaf litter behind the Seddon Memorial.





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