Bolton Street Memorial Park (2)

22 April 2014

In March I started to record the fungi that I was seeing in the Bolton Street Memorial Park (aka Bolton Street Cemetery) and in particular mushrooms on a stump on the Carr Path. I saw another flush of crumble inkcap [Coprinellus micaceus] on the 22 April 2014 but it had already begun to collapse.  While on the other side of the stump was a cluster of small wood-ear jelly [Auricularia cornea].

Crumble inkcap [Coprinellus micaceus]

02 Bolton 2014.04.22


04 Bolton 2014.04.22

Wood-ear jelly [Auricularia cornea]

06 Bolton 2014.04.22

Not far from the stump, further along, the Carr path,  growing on the edge of native bush but within the root zone of radiata pine [Pinus radiata] was a group of  Psathyrella candolleana. This small mushroom has a blackish spore print.

Psathyrella candolleana

07 Bolton 2014.04.22


09 Bolton 2014.04.22

12 Bolton 2014.04.22

23 April 2014

The Bolton Street Memorial Park is cut in half by the Wellington Motorway. The fungi above were seen on the low half of the park or city side of the motorway. The next day I walked around the upper park.

The Wellington Motorway cutting through the middle of the Bolton Street Memorial Park (photo from Nellie B's\ )

The Wellington Motorway cutting through the middle of the Bolton Street Memorial Park (photo from Nellie B’s\ )

Sociable inkcap [Coprinellus disseminatus] – This was growing on the roots and stump of a dead tree Lyon path.

13 Bolton 2014.04.23


Hebeloma crustuliniforme – This was growing on a grave between the Seddon and the Holland Memorials at the top of the Robertson Way path. Richard Seddon was Prime Minister of New Zealand from 1893 until his death in 1906, and Henry Holland was Leader of the Labour Party from 1919 until his death in 1933.

19 Bolton 2014.04.23



4 May 2014

Scarlet flycap [Amanita muscaria] – Two mushrooms were growing on a grave next to the one on which I saw the Hebeloma a couple of weeks ago. The scarlet flycap, a mycorrhizal fungus, was within the root zone of the root zone of ‘old man’  radiata pine [Pinus radiata]. The Holland Memorial is in the background. Read more about scarlet flycaps here.

24 Bolton 2014.05.04

26 Bolton 2014.05.04

A few meters further down the Robertson Way path at the junction with the Observatory path there is a group of kanaka trees [Kunzea ericoides]. Within there root zone was a group of cocoa boletes [Tylopylus brunneus] as this is a mycorrhizal species. If you bruise the pale yellow pores on the underside of the cap the tissue will ‘blue’ (read more about blueing here).

27 Bolton 2014.05.04


Back in the lower Park, the stump I have been watching has again wood-ear jelly [Auricularia cornea] and tree swordbelt [Agrocybe parasitica]. But there is a now a new wood decay species, sulphur woodtuft [Hypholoma fasciculare].

28 Bolton 2014.05.04

Sulphur woodtuft [Hypholoma fasciculare].

29 Bolton 2014.05.04




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