Bolton Street Memorial Park

Twice a day I walk through the Bolton Street Memorial Park aka the Bolton Street Cemetery. So I have decided to keep an eye open for mushrooms and record them here.

Bolton Street Memorial Park

Bolton Street Memorial Park

At the beginning of the Carr Path, there is a stump which I had seen 3 or 4 flushes of the crumble inkcap [Coprinellus micaceus] over the last three months. And of course, I didn’t record these! So when I saw something different I decided I should. The something different was the native wood decay mushroom tree swordbelt [Agrocybe parasitica]. This species is often seen growing from the trunk of living trees but as in this case can utilise stumps. This was 23 March 2014.


01 Agrocybe 23Mar14

02 Agrocybe 23Mar14

Three days later, 26 March, the tree swordbelt had shrivelled away to almost nothing to be replaced by a flush a new flush of the crumble inkcap [Coprinellus micaceus]. The second photo shows clearly the ‘mica’ or glistening fragments on the surface of the cap. 

03 Coprinus 23Mar14

04 Coprinus 23Mar14



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